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From exclusive, curated events with like-minded founders (think: panels on valuations or workshops on articulating your growth narrative) to pitch coaching and connections with specialists in KPMG and beyond, we work tirelessly to help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

You're in good company

Join a community of 183 founders and 4,416 operators in Australia and overseas.


Why work with us?

When you work with us, it isn’t set and forget. We have a dedicated portfolio manager whose sole role is to provide you with strategic insights and connect you with right-size resources and support as you grow.

Our network is your network

After 6 years in the ecosystem, we’ve built a strong network of advisors, founders and VCs in the startup space. We invite portfolio companies to tap into our network for support with sales, overseas expansion, capital raising, or anything in between.

  • Access to KPMG specialists that can support your growth journey, including experts in tax, finance, ESG, cybersecurity, governance, compliance, ASX listing, and more.
  • Exclusive workshops or offerings with service providers such as pitch coaches, growth experts, and legal advisors.
  • Tap into the global KPMG network in key expansion markets such as the US, Europe, and APAC.
Build Your Profile

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Our portfolio clients benefit from regular exposure opportunities to grow their awareness amongst a relevant audience of investors, corporate leaders, and more.

  • Celebrate your wins through the 15,000+ members of the KPMG High Growth Ventures network.
  • Share your founder story through KPMG High Growth Ventures channels and internally with the firm’s 10,000+ employees.
  • Opportunities to be featured in communications to a closed group of VCs and ecosystem players.
Find your community

The journey of a founder is one of constant learning and self-development. We help plug knowledge gaps and upskill founders with right-size guidance, whether that’s through Q&As and resources or dedicated programs.

  • Insightful panels and workshops with subject matter specialists, investors and ecosystem supporters.
  • Opportunities to learn from like-minded founders in your industry or at your stage of growth
  • Dedicated programs centred around critical startup milestones, such as capital strategy and overseas expansion.

The KPMG High Growth Ventures Support Stack


How do I join?

Joining our portfolio is complimentary for any startups who have purchased services with KPMG High Growth Ventures. If you’re interested in learning more, check out how we can help or get in touch with us now.

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