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The HGV team can assist  businesses
  • With a specific tax problem or identified area of concern​
  • Actively going global with operations​
  • Actively planning an exit​
  • Actively seeking or anticipating seeking additional funding
HGV 's business design Services include
  • Helping you access relevant tax concessions, grants, and other funding opportunities, giving you access to valuable cash flow
  • Developing your startup and shareholder ownership structures with asset protection strategies in mind that align with your business growth
  • Advising you on foreign tax matters and challenges including transfer pricing, withholding taxes, profit repatriation, and managing tax residency to assist with overseas expansion
  • Advising you on the requirements and implications of remuneration structures and employee share plans and developing one that supports your business goals
  • Designing your business structure to support your future
    capital raising plans
  • Supporting your business through the complexities of preparing for an exit, from trade sale to IPO, from tax planning implications through to business structuring

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