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How we help you engineer your exit

We provide end-to-end support to help you identify and evaluate the various pathways to exit and then take them to successful completion - be it listing on public stock exchanges like the ASX and NASDAQ, a private sale, merger or acquisition, or a restructure. On top of this, our family business specialists can provide personal wealth planning to help you optimise your position at exit, whether that's preserving wealth for future generations or for your next idea.

Exit evaluation

Do you list your business in Australia or the US? Is that trade sale the ideal exit opportunity? Our deals specialists work with you to identify and evaluate the various paths to exit, based on your goals.

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Initial public offering (IPO)

The act of listing on the capital market is a complex multi-year affair. Our equity capital markets advisory team provides end-to-end support for IPO, from preparation to listing and beyond.

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mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A are a common pathway to exit, but can raise complex financial, regulatory and operational issues. We support you through the M&A process, from setting up the transaction to completion.

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Personal wealth planning

We help you understand how to manage your personal wealth during and after exit, in order to maximise liquidity throughout your journey and preserve wealth for the future.

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Why work with us

End-to-end services

Regardless of your path to exit, we assist you across the entire journey from planning to completion. This could include identifying buyers, providing advice, and assisting with due diligence.

Trusted & Experienced team

You're in good hands with our M&A and Equity Capital Markets (ECM) advisers. Regardless of the type of exit or industry, our specialists are objective, experienced and knowledgeable in your industry.

Your stakes 

We never take a debt or equity position in any deal on which we advise. That means you can trust us to present an objective and impartial view that's in the best interests of you, your co-founders and team.

Support as you scale


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