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Our story

Like many other founders, Amanda Price’s vision for KPMG High Growth Ventures started with a problem.

At the forefront of the nascent Australian startup scene in the mid-2010s, Amanda could see that startups were growing faster than ever before due to advancements in technology and the increasing accessibility of capital. However, the ecosystem was still relatively immature: there was a lack of repeat entrepreneurs who could share their learnings, and experienced, credible advisors who could provide support to founders as they scaled.

With experience working with founders through her business AUSemerge - a startup that helped Australia founders enter the US market - Amanda led KPMG Elevate61, a rapid growth entrepreneurial program designed to enable high growth B2B Australian tech businesses to fast track their growth into the US and beyond. 

Leading this initiative enabled her to understand the breadth of services that KPMG could offer startups, the depth of experience, and the access to networks they could provide. Then, as a founder does, Amanda thought bigger. She pitched the idea of a dedicated team within KPMG that worked with startups, providing a service offering designed and priced for startups - and critically, partners within the firm that had experience working with startups.

In 2017, KPMG High Growth Ventures began - and we haven’t looked back since.

Since Amanda Price’s first vision, KPMG High Growth Ventures has grown to a passionate team focused solely on working with founders, and a network of over 100 KPMG startup specialists across the country. We’ve worked with over 300 startups to date, from investor-ready founders all the way to unicorns like Canva - and this is only the beginning.

" Time and time again, I could see that connecting Founders to the right expertise at the right time  had the power to generate big results. We believe founders are building world-leading companies of unprecedented speed and scale - and that kpmg can play a role in building this ecosystem."
Amanda Price, Head of KPMG High Growth Ventures

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