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72% of investors say a founder's mental fitness is very important in a market downturn.*

At the best of times, bringing an idea, business and vision to reality requires incredible mental fortitude from founders. Today, this is mission-critical to success.

With uncertain market conditions and the threat of a recession, the pressure is rising — mentally and financially. The founders that succeed are the ones who are prepared to face the challenges head on.

Behind the Human and KPMG High Growth Ventures have teamed up to launch INvested, a limited series podcast and accompanying white paper that explores the link between a founder's mental fitness and the success of the team and the startup.

Featuring candid conversations with VCs in Australia and the US, INvested equips founders with the knowledge they need to not only survive, but thrive, in today’s market.

* Source: INvested white paper


Want more tips and resources? Download our white paper, INvested: A blueprint for founders to thrive during challenging market conditions.

This white paper features exclusive insights from investors in Australia and the US, including:

  • Crucial insights on how VCs are investing in 2022 
  • Actionable tips to navigate the changing market conditions 
  • Essential resources to help founders cultivate mental fitness

"This could be a golden opportunity for the Australian ecosystem. It seems a bit counterintuitive, but invention generally, and startups, tend to do well in a disruptive period. Why? They move fast when everyone's afraid."

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