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How we help you in scaling and growth

Scaling a company is inherently challenging. However, this process is infinitely easier if you have the right frameworks and systems in place. That's where our team comes in. At KPMG High Growth Ventures, we help you navigate the complexities of scaling and manage growing compliance requirements, so you can concentrate on maintaining communication, transparency and focus in your team.

Outsourced CFO

Maximise profitability and accelerate growth. Our outsourced CFO service can be anything you need during this phase, from a sounding board for your CFO to an adviser to upskill your existing finance team.

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Pricing & Commercial Strategy

Have you optimised the pricing of your product or service, or are you leaving money on the table? We help you extract the maximum possible value in the market with a data-driven pricing and commercial strategy.

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Governance for startups

Audits, cybersecurity, your company grows, so do the demands to manage risk, implement governance, and ensure compliance. We identify and address gaps that may hinder a future raise, expansion, or M&A activity.

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Systems architecture

People and processes are integral to a growing company - but to do that, you need the right systems in place. From CRM to ERP, our solution architects help you identify the right systems for your growth goals.

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Why work with us?

End-to-end services

Whether you're ramping up or in the thick of it, we support you to navigate the increased complexity, governance, and compliance requirements that come with growth.

Accessible pricing, flexible services

Access the skills you require at a price point that's designed for startups. Whether it's strategy or implementation or you want to scale up or dial down, we can flex to your needs.

Trusted and experienced team

Our specialists have experience working with fast-growth startups along the growth journey and can help you understand where to accelerate and the pitfalls to avoid.

Support as you scale


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