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Arj is a problem solver with a vision to deliver solutions that challenge the status quo. He has helped businesses and organisations raise capital, develop solutions for operational inefficiencies and has built companies from the ground up. Arj envisions and works towards a world where diverse leaders can propagate positive impact through innovation.

I'm most proud of...

Back in South Africa when I worked with one of the world’s leading NGO’s called Afrika Tikkun, I was fortunate enough to support underprivileged youths to not only empower themselves but also those around them. One of the young men I mentored reached out to me wanting to share his paraphrased version of The Bible with young people, not knowing how to. I obnoxiously suggested: ‘Start a Wordpress blog!” He looked up at me in awe and asked: ‘What’s that?” This is when I realised that something I take for granted may be someone else’s saving grace. I guided him on how to get started, his community then grew and scaled and this young man went on to write a book! Playing a small part in his journey is probably something I’m most proud of. 

The most valuable lesson I've learned was...

Failure and persistence are the fastest tracks to success. We often glorify the end point and success, what is often overlooked is the journey to get there. Riddled with failures, with plans that didn’t work out with lessons that generated a wealth of experience that actually increased the surface area for and probability for success. 

In the startup ecosystem, I'm most passionate about...

Impact Investing is probably something I’m most passionate about across the Australian startup ecosystem because of the potential it has to shift the landscape and calibre of startups being funded across the impact spectrum with the intention of addressing many key societal issues such as climate, equity, inclusion, sustainability, consumption and healthcare. Directing our capital into places that make the world a better place is an essential part to making sure it becomes one! 

I believe the most important thing for founders in today's environment is...

Founders are known for having visions and dreams larger than life. It really does take a village to turn these visions into reality and I think the most important thing founders need to have in today’s environment is an appropriate support ecosystem backing them unconditionally. An ecosystem I strongly believe KPMG HGV is improving and delivering day in and day out.   

My words to live by

We’re all here to make a dent in the universe, else, why even be here? – Steven Paul Jobs (Co-founder, CEO, Apple Inc.) 

"We exist to support each other, if we don’t there is no point in existing – as the Rock says: “When life has you up against a wall the only way out is forward.” I say the only way through is together”.

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