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There are few pursuits in which individual leadership plays as critical a role as building a high-growth venture. A founder’s vision, ability to execute, communicate, lead, and build culture, will make, or break their startup.

That’s why KPMG High Growth Ventures are proud to support the Upside Founder program. The team behind Upside recognises the energy, drive, and commitment it takes to build successful world-leading businesses and knows that a high-performance scale up, cannot exist without high performing founders and leaders. They focus on founders first ensuring they are optimally positioned to work on their team and the business.

Founders in the Upside program learn from experts who know the founder journey, alongside a cohort of peers at the same growth stage and, importantly once the program is complete, they join the incredible Upside Alumni for ongoing support.

Time is the resource in least supply and founders can be reluctant to step back and focus on themselves and the program is designed with this in mind.

Research tells us that while founders may appear as if they are coping, many struggle with the competing demands of a fast-growing business and are unsure how to access the support they need. The Upside Founder program has been developed from research that identified the key development pillars that will help founders grow and perform at their best – both personally and professionally.

The program is delivered by some of the world’s best practitioners excited to share actionable models, insights, and practices that you can use straight away.

Want to learn more? Chat to one of the KPMG High Growth Ventures team to find out more about the Upside Founder Program and dates for the next intake.

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