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"One of the worst things that we can all do is say, “well, I made a decision two years ago that I was going to do X and it’s killing me
but I keep on keep on doing it.” We should be constantly re-evaluating and working out, where are we getting our energy? If it’s no longer in one area of life, then maybe it needs to change."

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James is a Principal on the investment team at Square Peg, a Venture Capital firm empowering exceptional founders across Australia, Israel and South-East Asia. Previously, James ran Startmate, Australia’s most powerful startup network, and helped scale Khan Academy in the US.

In this episode:

  • Founder resilience and energy management
  • How to stop exploiting your energy
  • Increasing your average pace without burning out
  • Finding “neutral” to make big decisions
  • Shaping your business to be maximally fundable

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