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"Negative self-talk is one of the most harmful issues that I
think all of us have to tackle, and it’s really easy to get caught
up in that negative self-talk. When you’re thinking about all
these other things, when you’re comparing yourself to other
businesses, or you’re comparing yourself to other people, all
of that means you’re somewhere else and you’re not present
in your yourself and you’re not confident in yourself."

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Rachel is a Partner at Giant Leap, Australia’s first 100% impact venture capital fund backing mission-driven founders solving the world’s most pressing problems across three themes: health and wellbeing, sustainable living and empowering people. Rachel is also the Chair of Startup Victoria, one of Australia’s largest independent startup communities.

In this episode:

  • Cutting through the noise and mental chatter
  • Focusing on the long-game
  • Identifying your non-negotiable health practices
  • Being patient and kind to yourself during high-pressure times
  • Communication strategies for a resilient team

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