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"This could be a golden opportunity for the Australian ecosystem. It seems a bit counterintuitive, but invention generally, and startups, tend to do well in a disruptive period. Why? They move fast when everyone's afraid."

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Paul Naphtali is the cofounder of Rampersand VC, an early-stage Australian tech fund established in 2013 to help address the funding gap for Aus/NZ founders. He returned to Australia after several years working in Silicon Valley and the UK as a senior marketing and strategic communications exec and consultant for a number of successful venture-backed tech companies.

In this episode:

  • The evolution of the Australian startup ecosystem
  • Changing perspective around global startup hotspots
  • Capitalizing on golden opportunities in uncertain markets
  • Founder psychological safety, vulnerability and emotional resilience
  • Supporting underrepresented founders
  • High-value relationships in fast-moving businesses
  • How to create safe spaces to discuss and pivot from failures

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